Canine Enrichment Classes & Elite Membership

The Canine Enrichment program focuses on satisfying both the physical and mental needs of each individual dog using all of their senses. Your dog will enjoy sessions of supervised indoor/outdoor play mixed with group games and activities as well as individual “work/training” time along with regular rest periods so they can maintain their focus. Some examples include:
   • Puzzle parties  • Arts & Crafts  • Hide & Seek 
   • Gym Class  • Loose Leash Training  • Scent Detection
    • Bubble Days  •Jumps & Tunnels  •Door Manners  •Stay & Leave It    AND MORE!

Elite Membership

This Elite Membership gets you access to enroll in Canine Enrichment classes. These classes are a $12 add on per session with regular daycare.
$ 249 Year
  • You will receive 5 free classes per year
  • Get 10% off all boarding
  • Access to a Facebook group page for events, photos, training advice and discussions
  • Planned social events and group hikes
  • Complimentary upgrades on boarding when available
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