Personality Based Dog Training

All dogs are different. There are the really energetic hyper dogs, lazy dogs, timid dogs and all types in between. Just like people, different types of dogs respond to different types of training. Our trained professionals recognize this in all dogs we take in for training and apply the proper methods for your pup. Trust Smoky Dog Lodge with the safekeeping, well being and behavior of your pet. Call now for more information about our dog training services. (865)774-3140

Certified Joel Silverman Dog Trainers

Joel Silverman has helped over 100 trainers become certified since January of 2017. He provides training techniques that have worked time and time again for people and trainers across the country. He is well known in the dog training world and often speaks at conferences for his expertise. All of our trainers at Smoky Dog Lodge are certified in his methods and put it to use daily in our facility. Trust our team to bring out the best behavior in your pet. 


We offer 2 training options